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Dear Job Seeker,

Every day, job seekers are demoralized when they go online and find thousands of job listings but nothing seems solid or real. We want to change that. We think part of the problem is most listings are posted by job agencies or worse, nefarious entities.

Often times it seems these jobs are posted just to grow a job agency's database in the unlikely event that they actually find a job they think is a match with you. Was the original job listing real? We think this is misleading and disheartening to the job seeker.

We think this is RIDICULOUS!

We here at qjobs.com want to try and change that. We are trying to make a stand for the job seeker by putting the QUALITY in the qjobs.com name.

Here's our policy in a nutshell:

  • EMPLOYER VETTING: When an employer signs up with us, we will make a genuine effort to make sure they are a real company offering real job openings. We will even call them to verify their information BEFORE they are allowed to post a single job. We will also check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure they are not in bad standing. Yes, it's subjective but we are OK with that because we want to protect the job seeker and we think if a company is listed with us, it's a bit of a badge of honor.
  • PROTECT YOUR RESUME: Your resume is your business and the business of the employer you want to work for. We do not keep any copies of your resume on our servers. As a matter of fact when you see a job listing you wish to apply to, we just provide the form to do so. When you attach your resume, we email it to the hiring manager or HR representative directly. We pass the resume on and do not store it on our server. As a matter of fact many sites make money from offering resume search access but we feel this isn't in the best interest of the job seeker and rarely does it benefit legitimate employers. Do you really want just ANY company to have the ability to troll through your resume? There is a lot of sensitive information on there!
  • NO JOB AGENCIES: Job "agencies" are not allowed to post jobs with us. We don't hold anything against them personally because many of them do good. We just want our job seekers to deal directly with the hiring managers or HR represntatives. We think the outcome is much better and both parties benefit!
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Yes yes, we'll be doing that stuff too ;)

OK, so we've said a lot here. If you've taken the time to read all of this, you must be a serious job seeker or a serious hiring employer looking for help.

We can't promise that you will be hired simply by using our site but we can promise to remove some of the many barriers in the way of your efforts.

Does any of this sound interesting? If so, please consider liking our facebook page and sharing it with your friends. We are in the process of building a very simple, and elegant site and we want to hit the ground running once we go live. Let's see if we can stir up trouble in the industry TOGETHER!


qJobs.com Team

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